Butter Mochi is NOT hard to make….unless your name is Carolyn.

When I relocated to Los Angeles I was a little FoodSick.  As in I was completely homesick for all my favorite foods/dishes/eateries.  One of the things I found myself missing the most was Butter Mochi.  If you grew up in an asian household, you know what I’m talking about.  Different cultures may have different names for this buttery pillow-top heaven of a dessert, but as a kid if you saw that white box w/ the blue star, two things would come to mind: 1) mochiko chicken and 2) BUTTER MOCHI.  Every family has their own recipe, even though the ingredients are completely the same, haha!  I think that Mochi holds such an important place in our lives and in our hearts, that people take it real personally.  Mochi represents Happiness and Good Fortune, and is present at all major life events.  I’m talking weddings, birthdays, even if you built a new house.  If your boss didn’t bring mochi for the entire office on the first day of the New Year…let’s just say it’s a clear indication on how he/she feels about you guys!

The funny thing is, I personally had not made Butter Mochi (or any type of mochi actually), until I moved here and it was out of necessity, because I couldn’t find anyone to make it for me anymore.  So I googled a basic recipe and got my hands dirty.  After a few times, I myself tweaked the basics and came up with my own Butter Mochi ritual.  I would make a 9×13 pan of this dense, sweet, rich and creamy goodness, with the texture of stiff pudding/super soft cake, for like one other person besides myself.  So I ended up bring the rest to work and sharing it amongst my people.  Needless to say that was a huge mistake because people started asking me to make it anytime there was a birthday or if someone was leaving the company.  The thing about me is that I’m a giver.  I’m a natural teacher, in my career as well as personal life.  Nothing is off limits or a secret for me.  I’ll share anything you want to know, just ask!  So when my dear friend Carolyn Meers asked me for the recipe, I didn’t hesitate to give it to her.  I also didn’t anticipate that it would become a personal conquest for her either.  Poor Carolyn made it like 3 times with disastrous results.  So this post is for my beautiful, über intelligent, hysterically funny, amazing friend, Carolyn.  I hope my direction-by-pictures helps you conquer the Butter Mochi mountain :) Love you…and all my fellow foodaholics out there in cyber world who take the time to read this blog!

Butter Mochi


The Crown Royal is not for the mochi….it’s for you:)

Cooking Gear:

9×13 Baking Dish

Microwavable measuring cup

measuring spoons

Mixing Bowl




5 eggs

1/2 cup of melted butter

1 can Coconut Milk

1 can evaporated milk

2 cups of Raw Cane Sugar

1 box of Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour

1tsp baking powder.

****You can also add 1tbs of Vanilla Extract (or any other favorite), if you want to jazz it up.


Step 1)  I put all the dry ingredients into my mixing bowl and  work it so that everything is equally dispersed and there are no lumps.

Step 2)  Add the 1 can of evaporated milk to the dry ingredients and mix.  The consistency will by like cookie dough.

Step 3)  Add the 1 can of Coconut Milk in and mix the ingredients well.  SAVE THE CAN!

Step 4)  I nooke the 1/2 cup of butter in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.  You want the butter melted, but not cooking.  Once you mix in the butter the consistency will be more like pancake batter.  Almost there!…

Step 5)  Crack all 5 eggs into the can of Coconut Milk  we saved from earlier and beat together.  This way I save on dishes AND i get maximum coconut goodness into the batch:)))  After you mix the eggs in, the mochi batter will change drastically in color and texture so don’t worry if it seems runny to you.

Towards the finish line, if the edges get crispy before the middle is done cooking, use foil to cover the edges so they don’t get burnt

Step 6)  Pour the batter into a 9×13 baking dish that has been rubbed down thoroughly with a butter stick or Pam if you prefer.  While cooking this baby is going to puff up pretty high, so make sure you butter the entire dish.  I also like using glass because the heat is better distributed.

Step 7)  Bake in the oven that has been preheated at 350F for roughly about 1hr, depending on your oven.  My gas oven actually takes about 1hr 15mins before this baby gets nice and golden, and the toothpick test passes.

Here is the beautiful finish product!  Let it cool down before cutting it and it will be….smooth like butter!  Haha! gosh my jokes are so corny….

In all seriousness, if you cut it while it’s hot, the consistency will be too gooey.  Wait till it cools and the puff deflates into a compact cake. Jason loves eating his with Green Tea or Azuki bean ice cream, but you could serve it alone or with fruit, nutella, nuts, etc.

Good luck and Enjoy!!!